SEI RYU KAN translates as “The Path of Peaceful Strength.”

At Sei Ryu Kan we train hard to learn a set number of techniques, then we train harder to become better, faster,  smoother, and more spontaneous at all of them. Our goal is to learn and practice these life-saving self-defense techniques in order to gain confidence and to help us protect ourselves and our loved one should that need ever arise.

Sei Ryu Kan founder and chief instructor Sensei Greggory E. Tobias is a 7th Degree Black Belt who has been training in martial arts for over 40 years. He founded Sei Ryu Kan Dojo nearly 27 years ago in 1992. He continues to teach and continues to train and learn. The martial arts journey is never done–and that’s a good thing.

At Sei Ryu Kan we honor the traditions of martial arts to practice discipline, respect, and to train our minds to remain still even in stressful moments. Our “bowing in” ceremonies at the beginning and end of every class are just part of what we do to create a sense of mindfulness and purpose in our training.

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