• Instructors

  • Chief Instructor Greggory Tobias

    5th Degree Black Belt

    Greggory E. Tobias is a Personal Protection Specialist.  Tobias-Sensei has extensive martial arts experience. He has been training for more than 29 years, with the last 19 years being entirely dedicated to Kajukenbo. Tobias-sensei founded Sei Ryu Kan Dojo in June of 1992, and thus the school recently enjoyed its 15th year anniversary

    Tobias-Sensei believes that the life of a martial artist is a never-ending journey, and with that in mind, he has always continued in his own training. He practices Judo under his good friend and Judo expert Greg Jones-Sensei. Has studied both Kajukenbo and Kung Fu under world renowned black belt Professor Allen Abad.  Tobias-Sensei was also licensed as a fully credentialed Tactical Master Instructor in the CDT system of non-deadly force training. 

    Tobias-sensei also founded SRK Security & Arch Angel Protection.  These companies have had a long list of clients that have included the Chicago White Sox, REO Speedwagon, as well many other high profile individuals who wish to remain private have chosen Tobias-sensei to look after them while in Tucson, traveling across the US, or abroad.